Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is a topic that has been raised awareness of more and more over the past few years.

Home Space With A Hint Of Blue

Why replace when you can reface?Ā 

At Recuro Styling we support the sustainability movement and offer services in which you can support the movement too. Have you got old, outdated cupboard doors, plinth panels, side panels and furniture that needs a glow up? At Recuro we offer a service in which we can refinish and respray previously loved doors, panels and furniture in any colour in the world. We can closely match all the big paint brands in any finish. Your home or office space will be looking as good as new, whether you are going for a modern style or classic style. This is often a cheaper alternative too, save the money and support local!

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From one colour to the next...

Bored of the same colour you have had on your kitchen drawers and doors over the last few years?

orange shaker drawers

Obsessed with a new colour, such as the raved about Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball? We can refinish, respray and closely match your pervious drawer fronts to look as good as new.Ā 

stiffkey blue kitchen shaker drawers

Ā Where else can we contribute towards sustainability?Ā 

Have you ever suffered water damage or flood damage to your home? In stressful situations like this big retailers can't always help when the previous products from your home are discontinued.

There is no need to replace a whole kitchen, bathroom or office space...

At Recuro Styling we can create made to measure doors, drawers and panels in any size and colour. If you need parts of your space replacing, we can closely match to the original doors, drawers and panels in your home. Save your money and save the planet.Ā 

Classic shaker style kitchen
Other ways to be sustainable in your home

1) Grow your own produce - This reducesĀ pesticides that contribute towards water and air pollution and fossil fuels from transportation.Ā 

2) Recycle and Reuse

3) Donate items you no longer use

4) Use eco-friendly cleaning products - This reduces harmful chemicals that may affect the earth

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