Trends come and go but sometimes it is nice to reflect on them to gain a sense of nostalgia and see how far we have progressed. Look at this blog to see which kitchen trends have been forgotten about or remained throughout the decades. Which are your favourite? Which need to be forgotten about? Whatever trend is your favourite, Recuro Styling can help supply your dream kitchen with our made to measure doors, drawers, plinths and panels in any colour and finish.






The 1960's was known for its civil rights movements, including the Vietnam War and anti-war protests, the decade in which groups were actively working for change against social order within the government. Life in the 60's was described as turbulent yet colourful, with life changing inventions being created, such as robots and satellites. This counterculture decade was known for its love beads, peace signs, tie dye, pop culture and 'swinging sixties.'



Fashion was not the only groovy and colourful feature of the 60's, in the later part of the decade interiors were fun and bold, especially kitchens.



Kitchens in the earlier part of the 60's were sleek and subtle. Many early Interiors featured natural woods, neutral colours and subtle flooring. The kitchens could almost be resembled as a cross between a classic and contemporary minimalist kitchen.



However, in the later part of the decade the bold laminate colours started to make an appearance, particularly over the top pastel yellows, blues and pinks with funky wall art. If bold colours were not for you and your kitchen interior, kitchen cabinets made from brick were also very popular. Handleless doors and drawers were a well-loved choice, a trend that is popular with advanced technology in today’s day and age.



1960s colourful kitchen


The 70's was known for its technology advances, economic struggle, bell-bottoms and rise of the disco. This 'Me' era had many important, historical movements, such as woman's rights and gay rights. The 70's had an abundance of colour and was symbolised for its lava lamps, platform shoes, tie dye, blouses and diverse music.

The 70's was when the kitchen designs started to get WILD, with its bold and abstract interiors. Kitchen trends were not universal in the 70's, interiors reflected homeowners and their personal styles, featuring wacky colours and patterns. A typical kitchen interior from the 70's would have a combo of bold yellow colours, wood cabinets, funky printed splash backs and colourful accessories. Pull out workspaces for cooking and preparing were also a popular design choice.

It wasn't just the bold yellows that were seen in 70's kitchens, some people loved multicoloured kitchen cabinets and wallpaper with beige appliances. These interiors stood out and were truly unique.


The eighties were the exhilarating decade for fashion, new wave, punk rock, funk and introduction of rap music. This decade was known for its greed and dress for success attitude. Some popular styles for the 80's included big hair, bold colours and silhouettes, the younger generation thrived in this decade.

The 80's was a great time for new kitchen designs and innovations. This was a decade with clear progression in kitchen interiors, here are some of the interior changes. 

  • Not just your typical seat

Innovative seating designs started to become more apparent in the 80's, from twist couches to built-in banquettes. Not only did they look great, but they also often provided extra storage for your kitchen utensils.

  • Efficient and organised 

Storage designs and efficiency became more apparent in the 80's. Wooden kitchen rafters were a popular choice to put above your island for storage, without threatening to ruin the bright aesthetic. Even the smaller kitchen spaces found innovative ways to have bigger spaces and more storage. Clutter free kitchens made a remarkable change, with many kitchens looking more and more organised and clean. 

  • It's not just a kitchen

In the 80's kitchens started to develop into the open plan world, the decade of 'live-in kitchen.' Larger areas were used for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. This is a trend that has remained popular in decades to come.

  • The transition into a modern design appearance

The 80's was the decade in which modern interiors started to become apparent in order to suit the modern-day comforts. In fact, almost all white kitchens with a splash of colour, were a popular style of interior, similar to today’s day and age. Many people also started to combine classic country kitchen interiors with contemporary city kitchen interiors. Introducing plants and botanicals into interior decoration also became apparent. 


The 1990s was known as the decade of peace and prosperity, the time in which cold wars ended. This decade had an abundance of bright neon's, new dance moves, a love for fast food and a growing pop culture. I

In the 90's interiors got larger and more elaborate. Kitchen designs became very diverse with various styles. One thing this decade was big on, was their inviting appearance.

Here are some popular styles in the 1990s, some you may even recognise from today’s day and age.

  • A mix of black granite worktops and a black and white tiled floor
  • Minimalist kitchen with handleless doors and drawers
  • Concrete kitchen islands with steel shelves and wood cutting boards
  • Green kitchens
  • Open plan kitchens with an integrated living area
  • A cosy kitchen featuring a fireplace and rug
  • Copper kitchen hoods

Fashionable decoration and accessories were added to many kitchens in the 1990s.


2000 was the decade of the new millennium. This decade was most known for its skinny jeans, games consoles, Ipods, Heelys and R&B. 

2000 kitchen interiors had many loved and hated trends...

  • Stainless Steel Applicants for a more industrial look
  • Granite countertops 
  • Open Kitchens
  • Tuscan kitchens with wooden cabinets and terracotta tiles
  • Fern plants

    classic kitchen with granite worktop

    2021 ( Today)



    In today’s day age kitchen interiors are very diverse and unique. Contemporary all grey and white kitchens are very popular as well as colourful kitchens, particularly blue and greens. Ascetically pleasing kitchen interiors are desired in today’s society and achieved in many ways. There has been complete creative freedom when it comes to designing your kitchen interiors so you can achieve any look you desire.



    Here are some popular colours featured in kitchens over the past couple of years.



    • Closely matched to 'Stiffkey Blue' by Farrow & Ball

    Stiffkey blue kitchen doors

    • Closely matched to 'Pure Brilliant White' by Dulux

    pure brilliant white kitchen

    • Closely matched to 'Angelica' by Craig & Rose 

    dark green kitchen

    • Closely matched to 'Egyptian Cotton' by Dulux

    neutral kitchen interior

    • Closely matched to 'Railings' by Farrow & Ball

    dark kitchen drawers

    • Closely matched to 'Breathe' by Graham & Brown 

    light blue kitchen

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