As the trees shed their leaves and the nights get cosier, it is time to start preparing our homes for the autumn period. The Recuro team are here to give you their best tips on how you can get your home autumn ready for 2021.
1) Add Layers 
Autumn is the equinox to the winter solstice, known for the weather starting to cool and the days starting to get shorter. Autumn is the perfect season of the year to layer up your home, add cosiness and add warmth to your space.
You can add layers to your space in many ways, here's a few examples:
  • Blankets & Throws
Here are some of our top picks

cosy blankets in autumn

  • Plants

plants in cosy hoe

  • ¬†Prints & Wall Art

We LOVE Desenio.

 navy room with artwork

  • ¬†Rugs

Our top 3 from MADE

autumnal home with rug

autumn rug

 2) Redecorate With Autumnal Warm Nudes

Traditional and modern warm nudes are the colour palette for autumn, why not incorporate them into your home space? Whether you are looking to respray your existing furniture, doors, drawers or panels or get new made to measure doors, drawers and panels created to fit the autumnal colour palette, this is a tip we can help you with! Even better, warm nudes are great versatile colours to have all year round; warm nudes are paired great with a variety of contrasting colours from different seasons, a staple home and furniture colour.

Here are some of our favourite warm tones for the autumn period.

  • ¬†Closely matched to ' Egyptian Cotton' by Dulux¬†

Kitchen Closely matched to Egyptian Cotton

  • Closely matched to ' Kashmir Beige' by Craig & Rose

kitchen closely matched to kashmir beige by Craig & Rose

  • Closely matched to ' Red Earth ' by Farrow & Ball
red earth kitchen
  • ¬†Closely matched to 'India Yellow' by Farrow & Ball

mustard kitchen modern

  • ¬†Closely¬†matched to Lick ' Beige 01'

contemporary kitchen matched to lick beige 02

  • ¬†Closely matched to ' Deep Reddish Brown' by Farrow & Ball

deep reddish brown kitchen

  • Closely matched to ' Brown Velvet ' by Valspar

brown modern kitchen

3) Switch To Dried Flowers

A great way to switch to your autumnal look is to switch the summery flowers out to dried flowers. There are so many selections of beautiful, dried flower bouquets, pampas grass and autumn wreaths available online. Most dried flower bouquets will add to the warm autumn colour tones in your home. Dried flowers can last 1-3 years which means you can restyle them in many ways.

We found some stunning choices. 

dried autumn flowers

4) Candles & Scents

If there is a season in the year to embrace your love for candles the most, it would be Autumn. Candles add a sense of warmth, peacefulness and security to a space. Not only that, but candles are also great for bringing in relevant scents to relevant seasons. Popular autumnal candle scents include Pumpkin Spice, Amber, Sweet Cinnamon, Sandalwood and Bonfire. 

If you want to light up your space this autumn, TK Max, The White Company, Yankee and Etsy never fail to provide an amazing range of Autumn candles.

Here are some picks we can't resist.

5) Embrace The Shades Of Green

If you are a lover of green, it’s not just the summer and winter months that complement this colour. Layers of green work amazing around the home in the autumn months, especially the darker and olive greens. Whether you are looking to respray your existing furniture, doors, drawers or panels or get new made to measure doors, drawers and panels created to fit the autumnal olive colour palette, this is a tip we can help you with.

 Here are some of our favourite dark green and olive tones for the winter period.

  • ¬†Closely matched to ' Bancha' by Farrow & Ball

handless shaker doors in olive

  • ¬†Closely matched to ' Angelica' by¬†Craig & Rose

angelica craig and rose kitchen

  • Closely matched to ' Dusky Olive Green ' by Lick

dusky olive green kitchen

  • Closely matched to ' Breakfast Room Green ' by Farrow & Ball

breakfast room green kitchen

Have you got a dream colour for your home or office space?
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ÔĽŅAt Recuro styling we can supply bespoke, drawers and panels in any size, finish and¬†closely matched to any colour in the world. We can closely match shades from all the big paint brands including, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL, NCS and more.¬† We can even refinish and respray old doors, drawers, panels and furniture.¬†
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