As we are settling into the new year we wanted to give you a sneak peak into colours that are set to have the wow factor across 2022 and beyond. You need these colours in your home... 

Trending Home Colours For 2022

Closely Matched To 'Breakfast Room Green' By Farrow & Ball
This stunning, cheerful green is set to be a popular shade for 2022. This colour pairs well against rusty oranges, browns, baby blues and off white shades.

breakfast room green modern kitchen

Closely Matched To 'Babouche' By Farrow & Ball

Babouche is another cheerful shade that will catch eyes in 2022. This is the perfect tone to intesify a space, it looks amazing againt dark greys and blacks.
yellow wardrobe in a modern space
Closely Matched To ' Scree' By Little Greene
Are you looking for a darker tone for your home? Scree may be the colour for you, this stunning dark grey will look amazing in any home. It works well against off white shades, pinks and reds.
scree by little greene inspired dark grey bathroom unit
Closely Matched To 'Uluwatu' By Graham & Brown
This khaki green tone is loved by many and growing popular for households. Create a tropical and stylish feel to your home with this stunning colour.
dark green home interior
Closely Matched To ' Skimming Stone' By Farrow & Ball
This is a stunning warm, light grey tone that is great paired with a huge range of colours. If you like to regularary change your colour scheme in your home, this may be the perfect choice for you.
skimming stone bathroom cupboard shaker doors
Closely Matched To 'Hague Blue' By Farrow & Ball
This stunning dark blue is perfect for when you want to add a dramatic statement to your home. It's green undertones work great outside and inside.
hague blue kitchen interior
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