Want to make your interior look designer on a budget? There are so many different ways you can improve your home interior on a budget and the Recuro team are here to help you. 

black and blue kitchen interior

Expensive Interiors On A Budget

  • Add Velvet Textures 

Add a hint of plush to your home with velvet textures and it will be looking as premium as ever. You can add velvet to your home by using a mixture of cushions, chairs, sofas and bedding. 

Here are some velvet picks we love

  •  Dark Blues & Greens

Using dark blues and greens in your home can add that expensive touch, they are rich dramatic tones. You can incoperate blues and greens into your home via cabinets, walls, accesories and sofas. 

dark blue interior

  • Go Vintage

Vintage antique furniture has become more of a premium touch over the past years, don't throw away your pre-loved furniture. Don't own any pre loved furniture yourself ? Head down to your local charity shop or boot sale and you never know what you may find.

  • Add A Touch Of Fake Gold Or Silver

Glam up your home with a touch of gold or silver, who said it has to be real? Incoporate gold and silver accessories, lighting, utensils, taps and furniture into your humble abode to add to that premium feel. Even places like B&M Bargains do a great range of fake gold and silver home products.  

Here are some we picked out... 

gold and green kitchen interior

  • Set The Tone Of Your Home At Your Front Door

A stand-out front door sets the first impression anyone will have of your home. Whether it's a classic townhouse, cosy cottage or modern refurb, a stunning front door will get people intrigued about a homes interior and what lays behind closed doors. You can add bold colour, contrast, plenty of bloom and set your colour scheme at the front door.

 yellow door outside posh home


  • Create A Statement With Your Floor Choice

Statement floor tiles make a room look rich, sophisticated, premium and contemporary.

We are obsessed with these picks...


  • Go Boujee With The Lighting

Choosing stylish lighting is a great way to spice up your interior. Choosing unique lighting can make your home look boujee and put together. 

Light up your home with these picks

  • Incoporate Rich Colours Into Your Cabinets 

We may be biased but this is one of our favourite eye catching interior tips.  From your kitchen doors , to bathroom drawers, to bedroom wardrobe, why not add a splash of colour? This is one tip that we can definitely help with, any colour is possible. At Recuro styling we can supply bespoke doors, drawers and panels in any size, finish and closely matched to any colour in the world. We can closely match shades from all the big paint brands including, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL, NCS and more. We can even refinish and respray old doors, drawers, panels and furniture. If you need help achieving your dream shade, we can help.

Here are some of our favourite colours

 Closely Matched To 'Infinity Paint' By Graham & Brown

dark blue rich kitchen interior

 Closely Matched To ' Dark Brunswick Green' By Little Greene

dark brunswick green little greene

Closely Matched To 'Pelt' By Farrow & Ball

pelt farrow and ball

Have you got a dream colour for your home or office space?
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At Recuro styling we can supply bespoke, made to measure doors, drawers and panels in any size, finish and closely matched to any colour in the world, including shades from Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL, NCS and more.  We can even refinish and respray old doors, drawers, panels and furniture. 
any size , any colour bespoke home