Whether it is a big or small space, there are so many different ways that you can make the spare room in your house the most inviting, comfortable guest room. Your guests won't want to leave... The Recuro team are here to provide you with their top tips on creating the perfect guest room interior.

The Perfect Guest Room

  • Create a pamper tray with toiletries

There is nothing more annoying than staying away from home and forgetting your toiletries. Make your guests feel pampered by creating a tray with a range of pamper products: shampoo and conditioner, facial cleanser, face and body moisturiser, deodorant, candles, face masks, bubble bath, shower gel and body oil. What more could you ask for? This is a small detail in your guest room that can go a long way and make a visitor feel calm and relaxed in your humble abode.

pamper products for your guest room

  • Find your Scent

A fragrance can make a house a home, a fresh smelling guest room can become the memorable stamp that people remember your cosy pad by. Show your character through the scents you choose in your reed diffusers, candles, room sprays and oils.  

Here are some of our favourite scent recommendations to add to your guest room

  • Add comfort with a rug

Add warmth and layers to your guest room with a rug. A rug can make a room feel so much more comfy and homely, especially if a room is left simple. 



Here are some rugs we found that you may love



  1. Boho White & Black Rug
  2. Fury Rug
  3. Poodle & Blonde Rug
  4. Bascome Rug
  5. Hayden Mustard Rug

rug in guest room

  • A mirror is essential

 Adding a mirror should be an essential when creating your guest room, this will give your guests a space to get ready, get unready and check their outfits. Not only is a mirror great for optimizing your look but they are also great for optimizing the natural light across an interior and making a space seem larger than it is.

  • Go thrift shopping for pre-loved furniture

 A guest room is usually not in use every day so why not save money and buy preloved furniture for the space? There is nothing a bit of paint can't fix, use your D.I.Y skills to upholster and refinish existing furniture. You could even opt for a company, like Recuro Styling, to refinish and respray furniture. It will be looking as good as new. At Recuro Styling we can respray your preloved furniture in any colour, we can even closely match all the big paint brands, such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Valspar, Little Greene, Lick and many more.

guest room with pop of yellow and pre loved furnitr=ure

  • Add luxury with robes & towels

It's the little details that matter and adding robes & towels to a guest room can be a loved luxury that a guest will appreciate, they will not need to worry about brining their own.

  • Nothing a plant can't fix

If you read our Recuro blog every sunday you know plants will always link in to our interior tips in some way (, if you’re not reading our blog every Sunday you are missing out!!!). Adding in a plant can make a room look so much more stylish and homely. They also have many benefits to your health and wellbeing. 

Indoor plants have been proven too

  • Boost your mood
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Improve creativity
  • Improves overall office performance
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Eliminate air pollutants, this can minimize headaches

    plant against blue wall

    • Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe or furniture

    Want to add some colour into a guest interior? Why not add a unique choice of colour to your wardrobe doors or furniture. Whether you are looking to respray your existing furniture, doors, drawers or panels or get new made to measure doors, drawers and panels created, this is a tip we can help you with! Recuro Styling can closely match to any colour in the world, any shade is achievable, even your very own bespoke colour. 

    Here are some colours we thought would look amazing in a guest bedroom.

     Closely matched to 'Duck Green' by Farrow & Ball

    duck green wardrobe setting

    A stunning deep but subdued choice for any guest room. A contemporary choice that pairs well with reddish browns and woodwork. 

    Closely matched to 'Light Gold' by Little Greene

    light gold by little greene wardrobe

    A stunning warm yellow that can catch the eye of any guests. This shade pairs well with burnt oranges, light blues and sage greens. 

    Closely matched to ' Egyptian Cotton' by Dulux.

    Egyptian cotton wardrobe door

    This has been one of the most loved shades for guest rooms across the past few years. A shade that has so much versatility when it comes to decorating with the rest of an interior. 

    Closely matched to ' Breathe' by Graham & Brown

    breathe blue wardrobe doors

    This beautiful, soft, mid blue has been loved by many the past couple of years. A pop of this blue can help create peace in your home or office space, whilst adding depth to your interior. A lover of grey furniture? This shade is complimented well by grey tones, as well as darker blues.

    • Keep it simple and add fresh flowers when a guest is staying over

    For a room that is not in use every single day of the year, the furniture and interior does not need to be extravagant. You cannot go wrong with a simplistic interior when it comes to a guest room, this can meet everyone's individual needs. There are little details you can add to a space when a guest is due to arrive, such as fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can make a room look a lot more premium and cleaner than it is, especially if your guest room interior is very simplistic. Have you got a guest due to stay? Why not add some fresh flowers to their space whilst they visit? 

     flowers in your guest room

    Have you got a dream colour for your home or office space?
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    At Recuro styling we can supply bespoke, drawers and panels in any size, finish and closely matched to any colour in the world. We can closely match shades from all the big paint brands including, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL, NCS and more.  We can even refinish and respray old doors, drawers, panels and furniture. 
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