Do you have a small bathroom space? Do you want your small bathroom to still have style? The Recuro blog is the right place to be, we are here to help you achieve the most stunning, eye catching small bathroom interior in your home.

Our Top Small Bathroom Tips

1) Store Your Storage In Eye Catching Sink Units

Why not kill two birds with one sink unit? A sink unit is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour into your space, as well as storage. There are also many other ways to a make sink unit look stylish, from the type of basin you opt for, to the tap style to the decoration on top.

Recuro Styling can closely match to any colour in the world, any shade is achievable. Whether you need new made to measure doors, drawers and plinths for your sink unit or your old unit respraying, we can help you towards achieving your dream bathroom.

Here are some of our favourite picks. All these colours have been closely matched to popular paint brands.

Closely matched to 'Olive Green' by Little Greene

 olive green bathroom

Olive green is the perfect colour for someone who is looking to add a sophisticated touch to their interior. Olive green pairs well with dark blues and shades of beige.

Closely matched to 'India Yellow' by Farrow & Ball

india yellow bathroom unit

Mustard is the perfect eye-catching shade to add warmth to your home. It is well loved when wanting to add a small dose of colour to a space, it is often a happy shade. Mustard yellow pairs well with dark blues, blacks and greys.

Closely matched to ' Hague Blue' by Farrow & Ball

hague blue bathroom unit

Navy blue is one of the most loved colours of 2021 and we understand why, it’s gorgeous!!! This deep and dark blue is the perfect choice for when you want to add a dramatic statement to your home. This shade pairs well with mustard, grey, blacks and pinks.

Closely matched to 'Blush' by Little Greene

blush bathroom unit

This beautiful muted, rosy tone creates a strong but subtle statement in any home. A blush especially pairs well with other dark tones in a space, as well as shades of beige.

Closely matched to 'Breathe' by Graham & Brown

breathe blue bathroom

This mid blue is the perfect calm tone to add to your bathroom. Although it is a light and fresh shade, it is dark enough to add depth to your space. It is paired perfectly with pure whites and greys.

2) Go Big On The Flooring

Patterned floor tiles compliment small rooms very well, they make the finish to a dreamy interior. Statement floor tiles make a room look rich, sophisticated, premium and contemporary. 

Here are some beautiful tiles which we think would look amazing in a small interior.

blue shaker bathroom

3) Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the perfect, contemporary choice for when you want to add more storage or decoration but do not want to take up lots of room, especially in a small space. The perfect place to add toiletries, candles/diffusers, plants and towels. 

4) Hanging plants

If there is one thing that the Recuro team loves to spice up an interior, it's plants. If your bathroom space is too small to add your favourite potted plant, why not try hanging plants? 

Here are a few of our favourites that we have found online...

5) Big On Mirrors



Not only are mirrors essential in a bathroom for when you are getting ready for your day, they can also help add brightness to a room and the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. Why not make them stylish too?



Here are some of our top picks.



black contemporary bathroom

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