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We can closely match Farrow & Ball. Little Greene, Dulux, RAL and NCS colours.

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Each door is refinished in our amazing durable coatings built to last.

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Our traditional shaker style available in standard sizes and in any colour.

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At Recuro Styling we manufacture doors, drawer fronts, plinths & end panels in almost any size and any colour in the world. Each panel is manufactured from the best materials and  to your exact requirements with the option to have the hinge holes drilled so all you need to do is screw the doors onto your existing cabinets.

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✔ Made to measure in almost any size suitable for kitchen, bedroom & office fitting.
✔ Available in our amazing durable Matt, Satin or High Gloss finishes.
✔ We can closely match  Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene, RAL & NCS Colours.
✔ Hinge holes can be drilled to your dimensions so no costly Tradesmen needed.
✔ Matching end panels, plinths posts and mouldings available.
✔ Each panel is made from quality materials built to last.


You pick your own


Every door is finished in the colour of your choice and we can match Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL & NCS colours.

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The Slab Features No 1

Made to measure

Made to measure

Our custom slab is made to measure in almost any size, which makes this range suitable for those non standard sizes and large enough for larder or wardrobe doors.

Any colour and choice of finishes

Any colour and choice of finishes

This product is available in almost any colour in the world. We can closely match the major paint brands including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL & NCS.

Hinge hole drilling option

Hinge hole drilling option

We can even drill the hinge holes to your specific dimensions, so you can just screw the doors into place and avoid those costly tradesman cost.

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