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Why Recuro Styling?

We are a family owned company based in the South East and produces custom made to measure cupboard doors, drawer fronts and side panels refinished in any colour in the world and with a choice of finished to choose from. Our products are made to the highest standards with a sprayed on finish compared to similar vinyl wrapped products.


We believe that we have a truly high quality unique product featuring the following features:

  • Bespoke product made in the UK to the highest quality.
  • Family owned company who really does care.
  • Made to measure cupboard doors and drawer fronts with some of our products available in sizes up to 1198mm wide and up to 2400mm high making the doors suitable for wardrobe doors, tall larder doors and office applications.
  • Sprayed finish unlike similar products with a vinyl wrap finish
  • Available in any colour in the world and can be closely matched to colours from Farrow & Ball, Dulux, Little Greene, RAL & NCS colour libraries.
  • Available in a choice of durable, washable, non fading and UV tolerant  Matt, Satin and Hi-Gloss finishes.
  • Our Hi-Gloss finish has a base colour followed by 2 coats of clear gloss, compared to a solid colour with no clear used by similar companies.
  • Our slab collection has a MFC core, Melamine shell, PVC edges and finished with any custom colour.
  • Because we refinish all our custom products no PVC edges are shown like similar products so we do have a true Slab unlike similar products with visible PVC edges.
  • Hinge hole drilling available in custom dimensions which makes our doors ready to fit and no costly tradesmen to drill hinge holes.

Our Competition

We have yet to find a company that produces the same product in the colour range that we have available and the closest competitors are:

  • Kitchen Workshop (only standard colours) http://www.kitchendoorworkshop.co.uk/