Slab Door Wood And Textures
Slab Door Wood And Textures
Slab Door Wood And Textures
Slab Door Wood And Textures
Slab Door Wood And Textures
Slab Door Wood And Textures

Slab Door Wood And Textures

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 Natural & Tactile Finishes

Our Signature collection comprises all our high-end textured decors and wood grain materials, creating a luxurious and premium door range. Create classy kitchens, beautiful bedrooms or just give a new lease of life to any room in the home or office.

  • Available in made to measure sizes
  • Hinge hole drilling available
  • Suitable for Bedrooms, Kitchens, and Office


Our Specs Include:

  • Solid 18mm to 19mm MDF slab panel.
  • Moisture resistant suitable for kitchens.
  • Quality durable Acrylic Finish
  • Matching ABS edging
  • Durable coating
  • Custom hinge holes pre-drilled option for easy fitment.
  • Available in any a large range of wood effect and texture finishes.

This product can be manufactured in almost any bespoke size within the following ranges:

Width: Minimum Width 100mm | Maximum Width 1198mm

Height: Minimum Height 100mm | Maximum Height 2800mm

If you require sizes, not within the above dimensions please contact us because we will always try our best to accommodate your requirements.

A Helping Hand

If you need further help please call our sales team on Tel: 01206 515714 

Standard delivery time: 4 to 8 weeks 

This product is carefully manufactured to your exact requirements including various preparation and refinishing stages. This takes time but we believe its worth the wait!

Can you deliver quicker!

Our delivery times are based on the chosen order size, colour and paint finish. If you have a schedule to meet please contact us and we will always try to assist if possible.

Need some help?
Measuring Guides

If you need some help measuring your doors don't worry we have some guides to assist. But if you are still having difficulties contact us and we will happily assist.

Create a special unique space by mixing and matching colour and textures,

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