As the coldest season of the year approaches, there is nothing better than going home to a clean and cosy home. The Recuro team are here to provide you with their best cleaning products and tips for the winter period. Home sweet home all winter long. 

Christmas kitchen navy

Our Favourite Cleaning products

This cleansing paste is the best we have tried and so affordable!!! It helps to get rid of tough stains on a range of things from hotpots for your winter stews, to winter furniture, showers and many more. If we haven't sold it to you enough... it is only £1 at all major retailers. 

The Pink stuff Cleaner

Everyone loves Zoflora and there is no way to embrace the winter period more than picking up a winter scent. This winter scent combines mint and sweet vanilla. Zoflora is the perfect choice for a clean bathroom and kitchen. 

Zoflora Winter scents

    A Minky cleaning cloth is an essential in the Recuro team’s eyes. Its dual sided tab is perfect for scrubbing tough stains. Your winter utensils and furniture will be clean in no time.

    Winter Minky


    Why not be sustainable when getting your home in tip top shape for the winter period? Ocean Saver have a variety of products for a diverse range of cleaning, and they are reusable. Once your Ocean Saver cleaner runs out you can purchase a water tablet and refill your bottle.

    ocean saver for cleaning


    The Bins are usually the last thing on the cleaning list, but Bin Buddy make the experience more enjoyable, especially with their range of winter inspired scents. Bin Powder eliminates odours in the bin bag, so you don’t have to change it until it’s full… it has long lasting freshness.

    Bin Buddy Fresh Berry Blast

    We will never stop raving about this cleaning product, you need to try it! Whether you are trying to get rid of red wine stains to Christmas dinner stains, the Dr Beckmann carpet cleaner is a HERO product for cleaner carpets this winter. 

    Dr Beckmann Carpet Cleaner

    Our Top Cleaning Tips For The Winter Period

    • Clean Your Radiators

    If there is a time of year that your radiators will be most used, it will be the winter period. Cleaning your radiator can help remove dust that has settled inside and around the radiator.

    Click here for the perfect blog post on ' How To Clean Your Radiators.' 

    • Prepare Your Entrance For Winter

    Set the cosy and clean tone of your home at your entrance. Pay attention to giving the entrance of your home a good general clean: wash the floors, hoover, polish and clean the mirrors and windows. The entrance of your home is the perfect space to decorate with winter accessories, invite your guests in to your cosy and clean abode. 

    • Polish The Wine Glasses And Champagne Flutes

    As winter is the month where many celebrations take place, it is most likely that your wine glasses and champagne flutes will be making an appearance, make sure to deep clean and soak your glasses. After, put them in to a dust free cupboard or cabinet.

    Who knew there would be a whole blog dedicated to cleaning your glasses, Click here to give it a read ready for the festive season.

    christmas table set up


    • Don't Forget To Look Underneath The Furniture

     Just because you can't see it doesn't mean the dirt and dust isn't there. Don't neglect underneath your furniture, make sure to give it a polish, hoover and dust. I guarantee your home will smell and feel so much cleaner. It’s a win win , when that last quality street is dropped underneath the sofa you won't have a handful of dust too.

    All white kitchen at christmas

    • Wax Your Wooden Furniture

    Wooden furniture's time to shine is in the winter period so why not make it look sparkling clean too? A weekend task for you to take on in the run up to winter would be to wax your wooden furniture ready for the celebration period. Wooden furniture can make a room feel 10x cosier too.

    • Finish Off Your Winter Clean With Winter Scents

    ` Have you finished your winter clean? Expecting guests? Ready to watch a Christmas movie? Adding winter scents to your house can be the finishing touches to your winter clean. Scents can make your humble abode feel so much cosier. 

    Here are some winter scents we found online.

    cosy kitchen in winter

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