Have you ever suffered water damage or flood damage to your home? In stressful situations like this big retailers can't always help when the previous products from your home are discontinued.

There is no need to replace a whole kitchen, bathroom or office space...

At Recuro Styling we can create made to measure doors, drawers and panels in any size and colour. If you need parts of your space replacing, we can closely match to the original doors, drawers and panels in your home. Save your money, save the planet and save your home. 

grey hi gloss discontiued door

discontinued kitchen, bathroom

Spot The Difference

Don't believe us, we have customer photos. Here is one of our recent projects, in which we replaced a customer’s door and closely matched the colour and finish to the rest of their kitchen. 

discontinued kitchen door replacement , made to measure in any colour

Have you got a dream colour for your home or office space?
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At Recuro styling we can supply bespoke, drawers and panels in any size, finish and closely matched to any colour in the world. We can closely match shades from all the big paint brands including, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Dulux, RAL, NCS and more.  We can even refinish and respray old doors, drawers, panels and furniture. 
we supply discontinued doors, drawers and panels
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